Розробник інклюзивного простору

Educational space “BASIC”

One of the components of the New Ukrainian School is the creation of a modern educational environment, in particular multifunctional flexible spaces that promote various forms of work, motivate to learn.
52 м²
User age
Number of users
30 м²

We pay special attention to the most efficient use of classroom space

Such an educational space is based on a combination of two principles - flexibility and stability. Flexible organization allows you to quickly change the space depending on the needs of the educational process, to implement various forms of work. Stability ensures continuity of the process, consistency of perception and activity, maintains order in space and controllability in work.
Trapeze desks are a good option for the New Ukrainian School. Such desks are single, which allows each student to organize their workspace at their own discretion and not be distracted by a neighbor at the desk. In addition, single desks for students teach them to work independently, rely on themselves and be more responsible in learning.