Розробник інклюзивного простору

Resource Room «Open Space»

Resource room is a specially organized space for human development and harmonization of his psycho-emotional state. It can be created both in general educational institutions and in educational institutions with an inclusive form of education.
250 м²
User age
Number of users
100 м²

We pay special attention to zoning

This space allows each child to exercise their right to education, to maximize the educational and personal potential and to overcome barriers to socialization. The peculiarity of the resource room is clearly structured and organized zones: educational-cognitive and everyday-practical.
The space of the domestic-practical zone is equipped with a kitchen and a dining room. In this area, children gain and learn self-care skills that will help them adapt and integrate into society. The educational and cognitive zone includes: the teacher's workplace, individual places for learning (desks), a place for group and individual classes, a sensory corner, a play area.