Розробник інклюзивного простору

Sensory-motor development room “Activity”

Sensory development of a child is the development of his sensations and perceptions, the purpose of which is to form ideas about the external properties of objects: their shape, color, size, position in space and so on.
60 м²
User age
Number of users
25 м²

We pay special attention to zoning

Using various toys and sports equipment in the classroom: gymnastic and ordinary balls, sticks, hoops, benches, sensory tracks, etc., children gain a rich sensory-motor experience, which contributes to the proper formation of cognitive processes of the psyche and speech development.

Used materials

Linoleum Tarkett Force Canasta
Water-dispersed paint Dufa Wandfarbe D1a
Specialized equipment and sets of available exercises allow to effectively restore and strengthen health, expand the range of necessary rehabilitation measures for children with special needs, after injuries or illnesses.