Розробник інклюзивного простору

Sensory Room «Miracle»

Sensory room is a space filled with various stimulants that affect the child's senses. It contains elements that affect the vestibular receptors, organs of touch, hearing and vision. It is very important that the whole situation and the elements present create an atmosphere of comfort, helping the child to relax and open up.
50 м²
User age
Number of users
10 м²

We pay special attention to the efficiency and quality of equipment

The correct professional approach to the organization of work in the sensory room can give excellent results. The child develops attention, visual and logical thinking, improves the ability of spatial perception. In addition, the child gets to know his body better, learns to listen to it, improves his coordination skills in space.
The sensory room allows you to conduct all developmental activities in a playful way, without causing discomfort to the child. As a result, the child becomes more open and communicative. He is open to communication and gets skills of social adaptation.